Building Information Modelling (BIM) of Nittan products

Building Information Modelling or “BIM” is part of a digital revolution within the construction industry. Intended as a way of creating, sharing and managing information throughout the build process, BIM brings together information about every component of a building in a digital format.
Providing access to a comprehensive package of information on any component, in relative scale, allows effective design and detection of conflicts from project inception stage, through to facilities management enhancements and on to end of life planning and re-cycling information.

In order to assist our customers comply with government lead timescales for BIM Level 2 implementation for larger centrally funded projects and also for those within the wider construction industry who see the many benefits of BIM on projects of all types and sizes. Nittan Europe Ltd are pleased to announce that we have not only created BIM representations of all our key products, but that they are freely available to download from our website

The Nittan’s Europe BIM objects are modelled in industry standard, Autodesk AutoCAD Revit 2014 format, meaning they are compatible with this and all later versions of Revit software.

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