Cleaning and Care recommendations for Nittan Evolution Control Panels

We are all only to familiar with the “Hands, Face, Space” mantra intended to help control the spread and risk of Covid-19.
Obviously this means it has never been more important to ensure that surfaces are kept clean.
This includes items such as Nittan fire alarm control panels, which have controls and touch screens used by engineers and end users when operating them.
But as with all electronic equipment, the materials used to clean them need to be chosen very carefully.

Nittan Europe have produced the Technical Guidance Sheet TGS-28 with our recommendations for cleaning all of our range of control panels.
We would appreciate that these recommendations be adhered to, ensuring no damage to the hardware, nor loss of operation or functionality of our life safety products.

Download Nittan Technical Guidance Sheet TGS-28 from HERE.

Further details of evolution panels, including datasheets and certification, please visit HERE.

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