Nittan Devices, Designed and Built for Demanding Applications

Nittan has considerable expertise in designing and supplying fire safety devices for some of the most demanding markets on earth, such as marine, oil/gas and offshore applications. A little known fact is a high percentage of the world’s cruise ships are today securely protected by Nittan manufactured detectors, installed, serviced and maintained by our OEM Marine partner.

Marine and Off-Shore industries set safety standards well in excess of those demanded in most other fields. Nittan are probably alone in our industry by choosing to apply this special application expertise to every product we produce, bringing the very highest standards of build quality, high performance and unrivalled reliability to every product and project.

Whether or not intended for use in Marine approved systems, Nittan take pride in the fact all Nittan device PCB’s are designed and manufactured to meet the exacting requirements of the EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED). This expertise includes applying a conformal coating to all sensor PCB’s to protect against humidity, dust, dirt and corrosion. In addition, the materials used including that of the sensor body itself have been chosen to withstand and perform at their best even in extreme conditions such as lower or higher temperature, providing assured quality performance in even the toughest of environments.

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