FIA Release Fact File 85 – E-cigarette Vaping

Following increased reports of unwanted alarms caused by e-cigarette vaping and the lack of clear information in the market place, The Fire Industry Association has now published Fact File 85, covering their use and possible effects on Fire Alarm Systems. This is free to download from the FIA website. file 85

Nittan has a proven Solution.

In the recent case of The Frog & Frigate, in Southampton, where vaping is allowed, smoke detector false alarms, caused by vaping were becoming a considerable problem in the running of the pub.

Despite the false alarm issues at the venue, the owner, Derek Gardener was reluctant to ban vaping in the pub and was recommended a solution by installers Fire and Safety Testing in the form of ‘dual optical’ (Dual Wavelength) detectors manufactured by Nittan.

Since the installation of Nittan’s EV-DP detectors at The Frog & Frigate one year ago, Derek is happy to report that there hasn’t been a single false alarm in the venue, meaning that his customers are kept happy, entertained and safe.

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