Nittan’s New Systems Capabilities

Nittan evo+ range of fire alarm control panelsWe are proud to announce the Nittan evo+ range of fire alarm control panels have been fully approved and certified to BS EN 54-13:2005, the latest European standard that ensures optimal fire system performance.

This demanding standard specifies requirements for the integrity of a fire detection and fire alarm system when connected to other systems, ensuring components are compatible and fully connectable. BS EN 54-13:2005 systems provide customers with optimum performance and reliability.

With the latest certification, for the very first time we can offer complete end-to-end Nittan systems for our users.

EN54-13 is the latest European standard that ensures optimal fire system performance, and Nittan’s evo+ fire control panels are fully approved and certified. To gain approval, third party testing was undertaken by an independent “Notified Body” test laboratory to prove the individual Nittan evolution devices as component parts all work together when combined into a system with an evo+ panel. In fact, the entire Nittan evo+ range has gained full EN54-13 approval based on rigorous testing at the extremes of system design such as minimum voltage with maximum loop load, plus speed of communication across networked systems to ensure minimum critical response times are achieved. Monitoring for partial open and short circuits, plus cable resistance ensure fault warnings are raised before system performance is jeopardised.

With EN54-13 fast becoming mandatory across Europe, and others using the standard as a “minimum to comply” specification benchmark you and your customer can rest assured when you chose approved Nittan evo+ Fire Panels with premium Nittan evolution devices manufactured to ISO9001:2008 to create an EN53-13 approved system.

Read the complete System Capabilities brochure

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