Detector Base With Short Circuit Isolator
Part No: F03-83605

The EV-B-SCI is a low profile detector base with integral Short Circuit Isolator (-ve Line), suitable for use with all types of Evolution analogue addressable detectors. The base plate is designed for use in indoor locations and the cable entry is from the centre, similarly to the standard base. The EV-B-SCI is designed to provide Short Circuit Protection, without the need for any special device setting and is self resetting if the fault clears.

  • Low Profile Base design
  • -ve Line Isolator*
  • Low quiescent current
  • Self resetting when fault clears

+ve and -ve isolator styles cannot be mixed on a system.
Not compatible with Advanced MxPro4 (Mx4000) Panel. Please use Non-SCI model.
Contact Nittan Technical Support for more details and information on panel compatibility.


Operating Voltage22-38 Vdc
Operating CurrentQuiescent: 60μA
Operated: 13mA
EN54-17:2005 / AC:2007

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