Beam Detector
Part No: F16-83000

EV Firebeam+ provides a reliable, cost effective solution for protecting large areas. Building movement and accessibility have, in the past, made beam detection unreliable, difficult and time consuming to commission as well as hard to maintain, but Firebeam overcomes these issues through its advanced motorised technology. The beam aligns itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically re-align itself when building movement occurs. Accessory kits allows ranges of 5 -100m.


  • Intelligent motorised beam head
  • Ground level control
  • Fast commissioning (around 5 minutes in fast mode)
  • Ultra low power usage (3.5ma in normal service)
  • Ip65 rating


Operating Current Quiescent: 460μA / Ialarm (LED ON) 5.2mA
Standard EN54-20

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