High Output Beacons (WHITE)

EV-HIOP-BCN-SCI High Output Sounder Beacon With -ve Isolator*
Part No: F16-82055
EV-HIOP-BCN High Output Sounder Beacon
Part No: F16-82056

IP65 rated as standard, the EV-HIOP-BCN-SCI is an extremely cost effective wall mounted White LED Beacon (VAD) and is available in Versions with and without Short Circuit Isolator. It comes with 3 Approved Beacon Flash settings to choose from, allowing customers to choose which works best for any installation. It is EEPROM Addressed (Programmer) and features FSK signalling protocol for robust, reliable communications.

  • IP65 rated
  • Type B Outdoor Beacon With/Without -ve Isolator*
  • EEPROM Addressed (Programmer)
  • FSK Signalling Protocol
  • Beacon Rating W 2.4-7.5 / 135m3

+ve and -ve isolator styles cannot be mixed on a system.
Not compatible with Advanced MxPro4 (Mx4000) Panel. Please use Non-SCI model.
Contact Nittan Technical Support for more details and information on panel compatibility.


Operating Voltage24-38 Vdc
Operating CurrentQuiescent: 200μA
Alarm: 20mA
StandardEN54-17:2005 / AC:2007

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