Waterproof Manual Call Point
Part No: F16-82205
Evolution Manual Call Points are available in a choice of STI ‘ReSet’ IP24 (EV-MCP2-SCI-IP24 Indoor Manual Call Point) or IP67 housing (EV-MCP2-SCI-IP67 Outdoor Manual Call Point). Both devices include Short circuit Isolator (-ve Line), which is a perfect solution to provide Isolation protection for a Zone. They are DIL Switch Addressed and in the case of the EV-MCP2-SCI-IP67, the Backbox has knock-outs and M20 threads for easy fit of Cable glands.


  • Fully integrated -ve Line Isolator*
  • Easily resettable with dedicated key
  • Supplied with Surface & Flush adaptors
  • Self resetting when fault clears

*Note +ve and -ve isolator styles cannot be mixed on a system. Contact Nittan Technical Support for more details and information on panel compatibility.


Operating Voltage20v-35v
Operating Current Iquiescent: 200μA
Ialarm: 2.2mA
Standard EN54-11:2001 + A1:2005
EN54-17:2005 / AC:2007
Alarm IndicationRED LED

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