Optical Smoke and Heat Detector
Part No: F20-82400

The EV-PH is a combined Optical Smoke and Heat Detector in one unit. This advanced Multi Sensor is able to combine the benefits of both optical and heat sensing technologies making it less prone to false alarms than individual sensing devices. An innovative Nittan designed algorithm reads both signals simultaneously and generates alarm signals from either (or both) sensor(s).

  • Optical Smoke and 54°C (A1R) Heat Sensors in one housing
  • Evolution FSK protocol
  • EEPROM Addressed (Programmer)
  • RIL and Base Control Outputs


Operating Voltage20-35 Vdc
Operating Current Quiescent: 200μA
Alarm: (LED ON) 5.2mA
StandardsEN 54-5: 2017 / A1: 2018
EN 54-7: 2018
CEA 4021:2003
Alarm IndicationOmniview 360° LED

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