EVC-ASD 1 Aspirating Smoke Detector – Single Channel
Part No: F05-83237

EVC-ASD 2 Aspirating Smoke Detector – Dual Channel
Part No: F05-83238

Professional air-sampling units, designed to compliment conventional and analogue addressable system technology, by combining standard field-serviceable smoke detectors with a stand-alone air-sampling solution. The EVC-ASD is ideal for the protection of difficult to access, environmentally demanding, aesthetic or architecturally restricted areas, whereas the
EVC-LASD is for risks requiring class A, B or C design sensitivity. Both are rugged, easy to install, weatherproof, and require no special tools or software to configure. The units are fitted with pre-wired detector bases and have an internal EV-Mini I/P module for direct connection to the analogue addressable loop, providing alarm and fault status.


  • Economical, single or dual area aspirated ‘fire’ detection
  • 1 or 2 sampling pipes – each up to 50m in length
  • Uses conventional or analogue addressable detectors (not supplied)
  • Detection element can be serviced or replaced
  • Rugged IP65 enclosure


Operating Current Quiescent: 460μA / Ialarm (LED ON) 5.2mA
Standard EN54-20

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