Heat Detector 62° C
Part No: F04-82505

Unlike smoke detectors that detect the presence of smoke particles, heat detectors only react to changes in temperature. The EVC-H-A2S is a Thermistor based Conventional Heat Detector, which uses electronic components that change their resistance when heated; this change is detected by circuitry within the detector.


  • 62°C Heat Detectors
  • Omniview 360° LED
  • Internal Alarm Current Limiting Resistor
  • Wide Operational Voltage Range (11v-32v)


Operating Voltage11-32 Vdc
Operating Current Quiescent: 50μA
Alarm: 50mA
Standard EN 54-5: 2017 / A1: 2018
Alarm IndicationOmniview 360° LED

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