Heat Detector
Part No: F15-81300

Unlike smoke detectors that detect the presence of smoke particles, heat detectors only react to changes in temperature. The ST-H2-AS is a Thermistor based Heat Detector, which uses electronic components that change their resistance when heated; this change is detected by circuitry within the detector.

  • Thermistor Heat Sensor
  • Omniview 360°
  • Direct replacement for ST-H-AS
  • Robust Fully Modulated AS Communications Protocol
  • EEPROM addressed (Address stored in on-board EEPROM, programmed by handheld programmer)


Sensor TypeAnalogue Heat Detector
Alarm VoltageLow Quiescent Current - 500μA
Operating CurrentAlarm Current (LED on) 3mA
Standard Approved to EN54-5:2000
Alarm IndicationOmniview LED Indicator

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