Part No. F06-64030


The EVCA-AP-SMD10 Sync Module is designed to work with Nittan’s EVCA-AP Series Notification Appliances to provide a synchronised temporal pattern (code 3) tone, synchronise the strobe flashes and silence the horn while maintaining the strobe flashes. The EVCA-AP-SMD10 has the capability of connecting two Style Y (Class B) circuits or one Style Z (Class A) circuit and is rated for 3 Amperes per circuit.

The EVCA-AP-SMD10 can be interconnected so that more than two alarm zones can be synchronised by connecting the SYNC terminals (daisy chain connection). The maximum number of interconnected modules is twenty. All inputs are polarised for compatibility with standard reverse polarity supervision of circuit wiring by the fire alarm control panel.



  • Polarised with wide operating voltage range
  • Uses filtered DC or unfiltered FWR input voltage
  • Mounts onto 4” square back box
  • Daisy chain up to 20 modules maximum
  • Screw terminal capacity up to 12 AWG
  • Red metal plate

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