Part No. F12-77135


The NK-AD-300 Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter/Dialer Module allows Nittan’s SPERA Series Fire Alarm Control Panels to transmit Alarm, Supervisory and Trouble information on two telephone lines to a monitoring facility.



  • Communicates with Nittan’s SPERA Series fire alarm control panels via an RS-485 data link
  • Programmed to use the Ademco Contact ID and SIA-DCS reporting protocols
  • Can be configured for DACT or UDACT mode of operation
  • DACT mode transmits a common Alarm, Supervisory, Waterflow and Trouble information
  • UDACT mode transmits point-specific Alarm, Supervisory, Waterflow, and Trouble information
  • ZDACT feature allows for input circuits on the SPERA panel to be grouped into software zones so that the NK-AD-300 will report any individual event as a group event
  • Reports either the circuit number or the combination of loop number and address when used with the SPERA Series
  • Event number offset for output circuit numbers provides the ability for each circuit on an SPERA Series panel to have a unique circuit number transmitted to the monitoring station
  • Override feature allows for the device type to be changed from the standard input type on the SPERA Series panel to a pre-defined input type that is sent to the monitoring station
  • NK-AD-300 has the ability of disconnecting the incoming and outgoing calls and capturing the line for transmission to the Digital Alarm Communicator Receiver (DACR)
  • Onsite or remote programming
  • Onsite configurable with the on-board keypad and the CFG-300 Configuration Tool or using the UIMA Programming Tool and a computer with an available serial or USB port
  • Remotely configurable via a Personal Computer with a modem (Configuration is passcode protected)
  • Provides telephone line monitoring and reports status via LED indication on-board
  • Provides event logs of 500 entries each to save events from local dialer or remote re alarm panel
  • Logs can be reviewed locally with the CFG-300
  • Configuration Tool or remotely via modem
  • Continuously supervises the status of each of two connected telephone lines at approximately one minute intervals
  • Mounts in a dedicated location in the SPERA Series main chassis

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