Part No. F12-77180


Nittan’s modularly designed Remote Multiplex Graphic Driver Annunciators provide a large capacity of annunciation (up to 224 points) with the NFU-7000 and NFU-7000L Series Fire Alarm Control Panels. The NK-AG-48 Adder Annunciator Chassis provides expansion for the NK-MG-32 Main Annunciator Chassis: up to four NK-AG-48 Adder Modules may be added to an NK-MG-32, to provide up to a maximum of 224 Circuit Display Points.

Each Circuit Output will drive off board indicators such as LEDs or LAMPS on a GRAPHIC DISPLAY to form a graphic annunciator.

It is intended that the NK-MG-32 and the NK-AG-48 are combined with a GRAPHIC DISPLAY to make a graphic annunciator. These graphic drivers have individual lamp supervision circuitry which helps to identify burned out lamps.


  • 24V DC nominal, range 20 to 39V DC (filtered or full-wave rectified)
  • Annunciation of up to 48 Points
  • Up to four NK-AG-48 Adder Modules may be driven from one NK-MG-32
  • Standby: 25mA, Alarm: 2.4A Max.

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