Part No. F12-77175


Nittan’s modularly designed Remote Multiplex Graphic Driver Annunciators provide a large capacity of annunciation (up to 224 points) with the NFU-7000 and NFU-7000L Series Fire Alarm Control Panels. The NK-MG-32 Main Annunciator Chassis is a 32 Circuit Annunciator which may be expanded with up to four NK-AG-48 Adder Annunciator Chassis’ to a maximum of 224 Circuit Display Points. The NK-MG-32 has no buttons or LEDs on the board. Each Circuit Output will drive off board indicators such as LEDs or LAMPS on a GRAPHIC DISPLAY to form a graphic annunciator.

The drivers may be mounted by using the metal plate included in the package to any of the approved backboxes or within a graphic display. It is intended that the NK-MG-32 and the NK-AG-48 are combined with a GRAPHIC DISPLAY to make a graphic annunciator. These graphic drivers have individual lamp supervision circuitry which helps to identify burned out lamps.


  • 24V DC nominal, range 20 to 39V DC (filtered or full-wave rectified)
  • Connections for indicators (Lamp Fail, Common Trouble, Remote Failure, A.C. General
    Alarm, Acknowledge, and Signal Silence), and Controls (System Reset, Lamp Test, Fire
    Drill, Aux, Disconnect, General Alarm, Buzzer Silence, Acknowledge and Signal Silence), Local Buzzer
  • Annunciation of up to 32 Points
  • Expandable by using up to four NK-AG-48 Adder Modules

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