Part No. F15-77100 EVA-H2
Part No. F15-77105 EVA-H2-H


Models EVA-H2 and EVA-H2-H are attractively styled, low profile heat detectors for use with the Nittan NFU-7000 series of Fire Alarm Control panels. The detector sensitivity is continually monitored and reported to the panel. The detectors incorporate a highly linear thermistor circuit, with the thermistor mounted externally, beneath a specially designed cover, which provides protection while allowing maximum air flow.

The thermistor circuit produces a voltage proportional to the temperature which is scaled, and transmitted as a digitally encoded value to the control panel. The EVA-H2 and EVA-H2-H require compatible addressable communications to the control panel in order to function properly.
EVA-H2 /  EVA-H2-H


  • Low profile, stylish appearance
  • Low monitoring current
  • Remote indicator output
  • Locking mechanism to avoid unauthorized removal
  • Supplied with protective dust cover
  • Address settable from 001 to 254 by a dedicated programmer
  • Corresponds to auto-test function of NFU-7000 series control panel

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