Part No. F20-77200


The EVA-PYH is an attractively-styled, low profile, analogue addressable, combined photoelectric smoke and heat detector for use with the Nittan NFU-7000 series of Fire Alarm Control panels. The smoke sensitivity of the detector can be programmed using the control panel software to suit the environmental conditions. The detector status is continually monitored and reported to the panel and automatic compensation corrects the sensitivity for contamination build up with time.

The EVA-PYH detector utilizes a new sophisticated smoke chamber design and an Orange sensing LED, which provides stable response across the entire smoke spectrum. The detector has a chemically etched, stainless steel insect screen to minimise the ingress of insects and airborne contaminants. The EVA-PYH initiates an alarm in response to both rapid rate-of-rise conditions and fixed heat (57°C). Heat portion incorporates a highly linear thermistor circuit, with the thermistor mounted externally, beneath a specially designed cover, which provides protection while allowing maximum air flow.



  • Responds well to both black and white smoke
  • Heat detector detects rate of rise and fixed temperature
  • Well suited for sensitive environments
  • Low profile, stylish appearance
  • Low monitoring current
  • Remote indicator output
  • Locking mechanism to avoid unauthorized removal
  • Supplied with protective dust cover
  • Address settable from 001 to 254 by a dedicated programmer
  • Automatic sensitivity compensation
  • Adjustable sensitivity via control panel software
  • Corresponds to auto-test function of NFU-7000 series control panel

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