Part No. F03-83070


EVA-S6 Base is a detector base with integral sounder, which is individually or collectively activated by a control panel using the addressable system. The sounder base has 4 sound patterns, which are Continuous, March, ANSI 3 temporal and 4 temporal patterns. These patterns which are used in and around buildings can be selected by a control panel.

The sound pressure level at 10 feet from the base is over 85 dB. Up to 127 bases can be connected to the addressable loop. The base is designed to be mounted to 3-1/2” octagonal, 4” octagonal or 4” square electrical box.


  • UL Listed Sounder base
  • Compatible to Nittan’s UL Listed detectors
  • Provides 4 sound patterns (Continuous, March, ANSI 3 temporal, ANSI 4 temporal)
  • Over 85 dB at 10 feet away
  • Address programed by EVA-AD2 programmer
  • Contains a locking screw for tamper protection
  • Reduces wiring cost


Compatible Detector Models

EVA-PYAddressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector
EVA-PYHAddressable Multi-sensory Detector
EVA-H2Addressable Heat Detector
EVA-H2-HAddressable High-temp. Heat Detector
EVA-DPHAddressable Dual Optical Heat Detector

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