Part No. F03-83065


EVA-STB-RL is a 4 inch relay base for use with Nittan’s UL listed analogue addressable detectors. It incorporates one voltfree relay contact. When a detector is in an alarm condition, the base receives a control signal from the detector and changes status of the relay. The rating of relay contact is 30 VDC@1 A.

EVA-STB-RL can be mounted to 3-1/2” octagonal electrical box, or to 4” square or 4” octagonal electrical box when using STBA-ADP optional mounting adaptor. The base is supplied with 3 terminals for SLC as standard. The 12 – 20 AWG field wire can be connected to the terminals. EVA-STB-RL contains a locking screw to avoid unauthorised removal of detectors.


  • Low power relay base
  • UL Listed base
  • Compatible to Nittan’s UL Listed detectors
  • Contains a locking screw for tamper protection
  • Current Consumption 24 μA (Standby), 110 μA (Alarm/Activated)
  • Power supply 20VDC to 38VDC supplied by loop


Compatible Detector Models

EVA-PYAddressable Photoelectric Smoke Detector
EVA-PYHAddressable Multi-sensory Detector
EVA-H2Addressable Heat Detector
EVA-H2-HAddressable High-temp. Heat Detector
EVA-DPHAddressable Dual Optical Heat Detector

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