Part No. F12-77030


Nittan’s NFU-PS-10A is an Auxiliary Power Supply/ NAC Expander that works with listed SPERATM series fire alarm control panels. Available in a 10 Amp configuration, the NFU-PS-10A can extend the power capabilities of existing notification appliance circuits as well as provide power for other ancillary devices. In addition, the NFU-PS-10A has the ability to operate with any UL Listed conventional 24V DC fire alarm control panel to provide Notification Appliance Circuit expansion.
NFU-PS-10A  Auxiliary Power Supply



  • 24 Vdc, 10 Amp output
  • 120 / 240V operation
  • Works with listed SPERATM Series Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Easily configured using DIP switches
  • One isolated input from the host panel
  • Five Class B (Style Y) or Class A (Style Z) synchronised output circuits
  • DC regulated outputs
  • Configurable AC Power fail delay
  • Ground fault enable or disable
  • Option available on configuration to enable or disable the battery charger on activation
  • Outputs individually controllable
  • Separate Relay for Ground Fault and Common Trouble available on terminals
  • Horn/Strobe synchronisation protocols
  • Two-wire horn/strobe Sync Mode allows audible notification appliances (horns) to be silenced while visual notification appliances (strobes) continue to operate
  • Audible signals may be configured for Steady, Temporal Code, California Code and March Time
  • Output circuits four and five can be configured to provide auxiliary power for four-wire detectors or door holders
  • Output fault notification to fire alarm control panel
  • Ability to sync outputs for multiple NFU-PS-10A units
  • 2.5 Amp max. current per output
  • 1.7 Amp auxiliary power output
  • Built-in charger for sealed lead acid or gel type batteries
  • Unit includes power supply, charger, red door, black backbox, transformer and battery leads
  • Compatible with any UL listed 24V DC conventional fire alarm control panel to provide Notification Appliance Circuit expansion

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