Nittan “PY Chamber” for Stable Detection Sensitivity


Not all smoke is equal, Nittan sensors with “PY Chamber” technology offer sensitive detection regardless of the type of smoke it is exposed to: EV-PYS – EN Addressable Optical Detectors with Built-in Sounder, EVA-PY – UL Addressable Optical Detectors, EVA-PYH – UL Addressable Optical and Heat Detectors.

This sophisticated smoke chamber has a spherical feature, providing unrivalled performance for scattering light, plus an Orange LED, which is capable of detecting both black and white smoke.
Chamber construction is also designed to minimise the effect of dirt/dust contamination with a fine micromesh made of stainless steel to prevent ingress of even the smallest insects, which can create a false alarm.

Smoke types are not simple. Characteristics of the smoke vary in every fire scenario.
The “PY Chamber” significantly improves response across the entire fire spectrum, designed to secure the fire safety system in all types of environments and applications.

For this reason, Nittan “PY Chamber” technology has been chosen by another Nittan OEM partner for use in their specialist Duct Probes sensing even the smallest amount of smoke for site-specific applications in HVAC (Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems.

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