Product Obsolescence – Sensortec AS-ABS Sounder Base

Nittan have for over 30 years been selling our previous generation Sensortec analogue addressable products, but due to the successes of the technically superior Evolution protocol products, the sale volumes and demand for Sensortec products reduces year on year.

For spares and ongoing maintenance of installed systems, our intention is to maintain supply of all key Sensortec products for as long as possible. But for certain low volume parts we shall inevitably reach a point where it is no longer commercially viable to continue production.

Unfortunately, due to the obsolescence of the ASIC Chip used for the product, the AS-ABS Sounder base has now reached this point.

Therefore Nittan Europe are forced to make the AS-ABS obsolete, with immediate effect and sadly this leaves us without any Addressable Sounder replacements for Sensortec Protocol Systems

For replacement or retrofit the only option is to install a Sounder Control Module along with Conventional Sounder products.

F16-81530            SCM-AS5                             Sounder Control Module

 We thank you for your continued support and business.

EMEA Product Marketing Team

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