CPD on Reducing unwanted “False” Fire Alarms with Multi-sensors

Want to know more about minimising false alarms?

Nittan Europe are pleased to announce that as an accredited CPD provider, we can offer a CPD seminar on “Reducing unwanted False Fire Alarms with Multi-sensors”
We are all familiar with the many problems associated with false alarms: they are estimated to cost UK businesses around a billion pounds per year. Reducing false alarms is therefore a major task the fire industry has been attempting to address over the years and a prime reason for the development of the Multi-Sensor. With this Presentation we attempt to explain the relative advantages of various Multi-Sensor types to help you choose the best solution for minimising false alarms.

For bookings and further information, please call us at +44 (0)1483 769555 or speak to your Regional Sales Manager.

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