Nittan are pleased to announce that FTI, Dublin have been recognised as Nittan Elite Partner of the year.
What makes it even more remarkable is this is now the third time this award has been given to FTI. The award is open to all our Elite partners, and despite stiff competition FTI were chosen for the award in recognition of not only a strong sales performance but also a clear commitment to staff training and close cooperation that should be seen as a model for others to follow.

The “Elite” programmes have been developed to acknowledge and reward a select group of installation partners and product distributors that have shown commitment to promoting the Nittan brand and have undertaken product training to a high level in order to ensure the uppermost standards of customer service.

“Nittan has built an enviable reputation for first class fire detection products, but it’s essential to back that up with quality support” states Lee James, General Manager – Product Marketing, Nittan Europe. “Our new Elite programme identifies those installers and distributors that demonstrate loyalty to Nittan and have taken the time to invest in the brand by undertaking rigorous training on the full product range. As a manufacturer our end user contact is minimal, these customer facing companies are often the first experience people will have of Nittan so their product knowledge and commitment to Nittan is exceptionally important and deserves to be recognised. The key benefit for Elite members is that we can direct new customer enquiries to them as we know they are a safe pair of hands!”

The Nittan Elite Partner and Elite Distributor programme is part of the company’s ongoing commitment to providing the best support possible for customers.
Nittan shall continue to monitor performance and promote others to Elite status once certain milestones have been achieved.

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