New EV-PYSVAD Visual Alarm Base for use with EV-PYS

In line with an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement of our product lines, Nittan is delighted to announce the availability of our new EV-PYSVAD Visual Alarm Base for use with EV-PYS.

The new EV-PYSVAD is a Type A Indoor Beacon Base VAD, for use with detector type EV-PYS only, as part of an Evolution analogue addressable system. The Beacon Base does not require an individual loop address, as it is a slave device taking its commands from the EV-PYS detector.

12 High Power White LEDs provide the necessary coverage volume of light to meet the EN 54-23 Category C (Ceiling) certification requirements with a rating of C 3.0 x 5.0, as shown in the graphic below.

This improved EV-PYSVAD product is intended to be an enhanced performance replacement for the outgoing EV-PSBCN Visual Indication Device.

Please note, the older EV-PSBCN is to be made obsolete with immediate effect. However to aid the transition from old to new products, in addition to the enhanced VAD rating, the new EV-PYSVAD product has been designed to be a backward compatible drop-in replacement for the outgoing EV-PSBCN Visual Indicator Base. As such it is suitable for both new system sales, and as a direct replacement for spares and retro-fit applications of any older EV-PSBCN without panel upgrades or type code changes.
* It should however be noted that the old device was a Red LED Beacon whereas the new variant uses White LEDs to achieve the required light output to be a “Ceiling Rated VAD”.

Please order the EV-PYSVAD using Part Number: F16-82150
Further details of the EV-PYSVAD and all our products, including data sheets and certification are available HERE.

We thank you for your continued support and business.

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