Dual Optical Technology for False Alarm Prevention


Nittan patented, award-winning dual optical sensor technology, provides an excellent solution to false alarm in areas prone to steam, aerosols and dust, including hotels, hospitals and other areas of multiple occupancy is available in many forms: EVC-DP – Conventional Dual Optical Detectors, EV-DP – Addressable Dual Optical Detectors, and EV-DPH – Addressable Multi-Sensors.

The Nittan dual optical technology is based on particle light scattering theory, but instead of just using the standard Infra-Red light, which can be found in common optical sensors, it also employs blue LED to deliver a more accurate measurement of particles within the smoke chamber. Using a complex algorithm to calculate the ratio of these light sources, which operate at different wavelengths, the sensor can determine the particle size and thus distinguish between smoke and non-combustion products such as steam, aerosols and dust.

This technology has been further enhanced by the addition of a Heat Sensor with Class A2R, Rate of Rise performance, introduced as EV-DPH Dual Optical Multi-Sensors, making the detector more sensitive to flaming fires by shifting the alarm threshold level when the ratio of the two scattered light wavelengths indicate that the particle size present is similar to the smallest size defined as a smoke particle. EV-DPH Multi-Sensors have the ability to reduce false alarms caused by all these mediums, without the need to lower the devices’ sensitivity to actual combustion products.

Nittan detectors with dual optical technology have been proven to be highly effective in many installations, significantly reducing false alarms, in many cases to zero.

Case Studies

NHS Nightingale Hospital Bristol
University of East Anglia Student Accommodation
Frog & Frigate, Pub and Music Venue, Southampton

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