Nittan ensures fire safety for Tor School, Glastonbury

Nittan Europe, UK manufacturer of conventional and addressable fire detection products, has had its Evolution analogue addressable fire detection system installed into TOR School in Glastonbury, Somerset. The system was installed by Coomber Fire and Security Systems who are a Nittan Elite Partner and BAFE SP203-1 & SP101 accredited.

The TOR School is an alternative to mainstream school for children and young people who may be struggling to cope in their existing educational environment in the Mendip area of Somerset. As a part of a recent expansion project, a new building has been added which required a comprehensive fire detection system.

The Nittan Evolution analogue addressable fire detection system, installed by Coomber Fire & Security Systems, has provided the school with a system which is not only reliable, resilient to false alarm, and simple to use, but also saved the school time and money. At the heart of the system is Nittan’s evolution1 control panel, with Nittan EV-PS Photoelectric Smoke Detectors with in-built sounder and EV-DP Dual Wavelength Photoelectric Smoke Detectors.

Nittan’s Evolution EV-DP smoke detectors have been installed by Coomber Fire & Security Systems in the science labs and DT workshops to prevent false alarms. They are ideally suited to this demanding environment as they have been designed to reduce false alarms caused by non-combustion products such as steam, dust and aerosols. Unlike other industry standard (single optical sensor) smoke detectors on the market that claim to distinguish between smoke and non-combustion products, the EV-DP effectively measures the actual particle size in the chamber via its combined IR and blue LED technology. As steam and dust are much larger particles than smoke, the detector won’t false alarm.

Also highly reliable, the Evolution EV-PS Optical Smoke Sensor installed across other areas of the school building has the added benefit of the sounder fully integrated within the sensor itself. This makes for a cost effective, quick installation and is more aesthetically pleasing.

The Nittan evolution 1 panel provides complete control and monitoring capabilities for all system devices and has especially been designed with the needs of both the installer and end user in mind. Ease of use was paramount and the panel’s LCD touch screen display and intuitive, easy to use menu structure met this, making the handover from Coomber to the customer very straightforward. Staff at Mendip Partnership School are confident in how to operate the system.

evolution 1 panels have very comprehensive, but simple to use “Cause and Effect” capabilities and, like most addressable systems, allow comprehensive programming of the sounder outputs. Furthermore, the Cause and Effect matrix can be set up via the onboard touch screen and menu structure or using the PC tools and downloaded to the panel. The panel also has two configurable rs485 ports for connection and supports up to eight separate password protected users, so that all nominated members from the school can easily access it.

Lee James, General Manager – Product Marketing at Nittan said, “Nittan takes care to not only ensure total fire security for its customers, but also puts special attention in fostering relationships with its partners. Coomber Fire & Security Systems, the largest independent fire and security installer in Somerset, is one of our Elite Partners. This programme was developed by us to acknowledge and reward a select group of installation partners that have shown commitment to promoting the Nittan brand and have undertaken product training to a high level in order to ensure the uppermost standards of customer service. Their work on this project is testament to that.

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