Nittan EV-Firebeam-Xtra Enhanced Detection

Nittan are pleased to announce the launch of our latest generation Firebeam product.

The EV Firebeam Xtra is a Loop Powered beam detector, incorporating a Mini Input Module to report Alarm on Nittan Evolution Addressable Fire Alarm Systems. It provides a reliable, cost effective solution for protecting large areas. Building movement and accessibility have, in the past, made beam detection unreliable, difficult and time consuming to commission as well as hard to maintain, but Firebeam overcomes these issues through its advanced motorised technology. The beam aligns itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically re-align itself when building movement occurs.

The latest generation Fire Beam Xtra detector, incorporates newly Revised Optics using the latest advanced components, significantly increasing the range from the previous model. Together with the existing class leading features the device is VdS approved and fully compliant to EN 54-12:2015.

As well as extending the range the Fire Beam Xtra alignment processes are Five Times Faster, thanks to the completely redesigned linear stepper motors, which have resulted in amazingly fast commissioning and routine maintenance. Under test conditions at 40 metres the auto-align time was 3m02s, using the Fire Beam straight out of the box. Once aligned a routine re-alignment was timed at just 1m07s. This is class-leading performance not only in terms of speed but also in terms of advanced robust design built for precise purpose.

The standard Fire Beam Xtra package comes complete with the head unit, the low level controller, a single reflector, a user manual and a 3mm allen key. This will enable you to cover distances up to 70 metres. To cover distances over 70 metres, there is a Mid-range and Long-range kit available, covering 70-140m & 140-160m respectively. Product details can be found HERE.

Further details of all our products, including data sheets and certification are available from Product page.

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