OEM Nittan Technology

Are you looking to take your products to the next level? Nittan with over 40 years’ experience of bespoke technical solutions within smoke detection, we can meet your unique needs.

Nittan currently work with a number of organisation to provide OEM Nittan technology as “Own Brand” products. If you are interested in working in partnership with Nittan please contact us on partners@nittan.co.uk.

Meeting your needs

There’s something very special about Nittan engineering, design and build quality.

The company employs a large team of experienced, specialist engineers capable of providing solutions to meet your exact requirements.
We have a number of partners who value our knowledge and expertise to the extent that they incorporate Nittan key detector technologies into their own systems, under an OEM agreement.

How can Nittan help your brand?

Nittan has extensive experience working with these partners, and ensure the end results meet or exceed every applicable standard, while helping to address each partner’s environmental targets and individual ambitions.

If you believe your business would benefit from working with Nittan in a similar relationship, we would be very happy to hear from you.
Rest assured, working in partnership with you at every stage is an essential part of our commitment to excellence.

Nittan’s OEM capabilities

  • Partner with Nittan’s experienced team for collaborative and supportive relationships, ensuring seamless integration of OEM solutions into your products.
  • Access comprehensive support throughout the OEM process, including technical assistance, product training, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Rest assured with Nittan’s commitment to regulatory compliance, ensuring adherence to industry standards and certifications for seamless market entry.
  • Benefit from Nittan’s extensive experience and track record of successful OEM partnerships across various industries, providing a solid foundation for your product’s success.


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