Obsolescence of MBF-6EV-24 and MBA-8+BBX4 Bells

Dear Nittan customer
Nittan have for many years been selling 6” and 8” Fire Bells as part of our Conventional product range. Unfortunately we have been made aware that our supplier Vimpex Ltd, have been forced to discontinue the MBF-6EV-24 and MBA-8+BBX4 from their range.

In order to maintain supply of Fire Alarm Bells, Vimpex took the decision to design, manufacture and EN Certify their own new range of “ClamBell” devices.
Although the notice period given by Vimpex was short, as a manufacturer of product heavily reliant on electronics components ourselves, we understand how scarcity of older components can affect the viability of older products, and fully support this transition to the new products.

Therefore Nittan shall with immediate effect supply the new ClamBell range, as a part of our Conventional product range offering.

In the following options:

Obsolete Product: F06C61023 MBF-6EV-24 – Conventional Fire Alarm Bell Indoor 6 Inch 24 Vdc
Replacement Part: F06N61023 CBE6-XS-024-EN – Conventional Fire Alarm ClamBell Indoor 6 Inch 24 Vdc

Obsolete Product: F06C61024 MBA-8+BBX4 – Conventional Fire Alarm Bell Outdoor 8 Inch 24 Vdc
Replacement Part: F06N61022 CBE6-XW-024-EN – Conventional Fire Alarm ClamBell Weatherproof 6 Inch 24 Vdc

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact Nittan Technical Support.

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