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Evolution Analogue Addressable

An advanced, premium fire system featuring analogue addressable fire detectors, with 254 addresses per loop. Evolution combines extremely reliable fire detection with a very high degree of protection against unwanted false alarms. Its advanced, highly flexible protocol, is uniquely resistant to noise and allows for substantial amount of information to be transmitted at high speed.

Compliant with EN standards.

Evolution Panels

NIttan is now able to offer customers a first class complete end-to-end system solution, featuring a full suite of products manufactured to the same high quality as our detectors. Using Nittan’s engineering expertise, our fire detection products are designed to work together in perfect harmony and each one has been rigorously tested.

Compliant with EN standards.

Evolution Conventional

A series of advanced, premium conventional fire detectors, with Nittan’s Trademark OMNIVIEW LEDs and integral 375ohm Alarm resistor. Evolution Conventional combines extremely reliable fire detection with a very high degree of protection against unwanted false alarms. In addition to the standard Optical and Heat devices, wavelength Flame detector and an Intrinsically Safe Optical detectors to cover all installation solutions.

Compliant with EN standards.


SPERA™ is a ‘next generation’ modular network system that is designed for the most demanding fire protection and emergency communications applications. SPERA™ includes an impressive new range of system configurations, including a wide array of cabinets and sizes for control and annunciation requirements.

Compliant with UL standard.


Established for over 25 years, our Sensortec brand – also known as the AS range, gained an excellent reputation for reliability and ease of installation. This lead to its continued use in installations all around the world long after the replacement Evolution range was launched. With many 20+ year old systems continuing to provide reliable fire protection to this day. However over the last 25 years legislation has changed significantly, and low sales volumes mean we cannot easily re-design older parts to suit the newer standards, unfortunately meaning we have found it impossible for some Sensortec components to meet the latest EN standards. For this reason the Sensortec product range is officially obsolete for new system sales. However, Nittan value the loyalty of our customers and support their “right to repair older systems” that may pre-date these standards. Therefore Nittan endeavour to ensure spare parts are available for use as direct replacements for existing parts in older Sensortec systems.

Please note – *Some but not all parts may be EN compliant, however as certification dates expire they will not be renewed. **Whist Nittan shall endeavour to hold stocks of as many older Sensortec parts or direct replacements as we can, there will ultimately come a time when this is no longer economically viable, and we shall be forced to stop supply of some party with little or no notice, Please contact Nittan Europe Ltd for further details.           

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