CPC-4 / 0KB-3

Integrated Fire Detection System for use in electrical control gear, machinery and other risk spaces


This system is intended to detect a fire that occurs in equipment such as large-scale computers, electrical control panels plus industrial plant and machinery etc.
It comprises a dedicated CPC-4 or CPC-4-24 control and 0KB-3 smoke detectors.

Main Features
1. Compact Size for easy integration within the protected space or machinery.
2. Fire alarm can be generated from a single detector’s operation or by “AND” signals (i.e. two detectors’ simultaneous operation).
3. Wind Speed Resistance (Effective up to 8 m/s).
4. Heat Resistance (Available up to 60℃).
5. Maintains a normal sensitivity by sensitivity compensation function against dust accumulation.
6. Capable of connecting older model smoke detectors (Model: 0KB, 0IB) without sensitivity compensation function.

Examples of Installation
– Inside of the protected equipment
The detectors and control panel can both be installed inside the machinery to be protected. Detectors should be installed in a place that is easy to access and maintain since it would detect smoke from all directions. However, if there is a fan on the machinery, detectors should be installed near the exhaust fan.

– Inside of a Sampling Box
In consideration of high airflow inside a specific type of machinery, detectors should be installed in a way that they can monitor smoke more effectively.
e.g. In Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment, the air inside the equipment is discharged through a heat exhaust duct. A sampling box with built-in detectors should be added within the exhaust duct to monitor the smoke contained in the exhaust airflow.

CPC-4: Dedicated Control Panel

0KB-3: Machinery Integration Type Smoke Detector

Example of Applications
Fire Detection for:
1. Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
2. Server room,
3. Electric switchgear room or Cabinets
4. EV Charging Station

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