Technical Guidance Sheets

Click “Download” for individual pdf. files, or "Download All Files" to get all in a ZIP file.
TGS-01 - SENSORTEC Addressable Obsolete Product Replacement GuideDownload 
TGS-02 - SENSORTEC Conventional Obsolete Product Replacement Guide Download 
TGS-03 - SENSORTEC Vs EVC Conventional Retrofit Connections Guide Download 
TGS-04 - EV-Module Fail Safe Mode Operation GuideDownload 
TGS-05 - EV-240V-MRA Mains Application Connections GuideDownload 
TGS-06 - ST-H2-AS Higher Temp Setting on Morley ZX-se Panel Download 
TGS-07 - Installation of evolution 1 PC Config tool GuideDownload 
TGS-08 - SENSORTEC IO Device CompatibilityDownload 
TGS-09 - SENSORTEC System RetrofitDownload 
TGS-10 - EVOLUTION Isolator Compatibility GuideDownload 
TGS-11 - NITTAN Base Compatibility MatrixDownload 
TGS-12 - CONVENTIONAL Relay Base Compatibility GuideDownload 
TGS-13 - evolution 1 Panel Spare Parts GuideDownload 
TGS-14 - evolution 1 Configure Class ChangeDownload 
TGS-15 - evolution 1 Configure 3rd Party Panel Interface GuideDownload 
TGS-16 - evolution 1 Setting up Panel NetworkDownload 
TGS-17 - evolution 1 Default C & E SettingDownload 
TGS-18 - EV-MCP2-SCI-IP24 Installation GuideDownload 
TGS-19 - Earthing procedures for Evo+ Panels Download 
TGS-20 - Clean Air Values for Evolution 1 and Evo+ PanelsDownload 
TGS-21 - Issues Concerning Hybrid BS5839 Pt1 & Pt6 Systems in HMOsDownload 
TGS-22 - System design checks to ensure points limit has not been breached when using Evo+Download 
TGS-23 - EVOLUTION Addressable Obsolete Product Replacement GuideDownload 
TGS-24 - EV-AV2 Programmer Leads InstructionsDownload 
TGS-25 - EV Multi-sensor Timed DisablementDownload 
TGS-26 - EVO+5000 Panel Service NotificationDownload 
TGS-27 - EVOLUTION Interface with Conventional WirelessDownload 
TGS-28 - Control panel cleaning reccomendationsDownload 
TGS-29 - Detector Calibration and contaminationDownload 
TGS-30 - Evolution 1 Cause and effects hints and tipsDownload 
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