Dual Optical Detector
Part No: F14-82105

Using the scattered light principle inherent in optical detectors, the EV-DP Dual Optical Detector goes one step further and uses both IR and blue LEDs to provide a more accurate measurement of particles within the chamber. By calculating the ratio of these light sources, which operate at different wavelengths, the EV-DP can determine the particle size and thus distinguish between smoke and non-combustion products such as steam and dust. This patented, award winning technology is unique to Nittan and provides an excellent solution to false alarms in areas prone to steam and dust, including hotels, hospitals and other areas of multiple occupancy.

  • Dual Optical Technology reduces false alarms
  • Evolution FSK protocol
  • EEPROM Addressed (Programmer)
  • RIL and Base Control Outputs


Operating Voltage20-38 Vdc
Operating CurrentQuiescent: 200μA
Alarm: (LED ON) 5.2mA
EN 54-7: 2018
Alarm IndicationOmniview 360° LED

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