Optical Detector with built in Sounder
Part No: F20-82510

Benefiting from the same sophisticated detection technology as the EV-P, the EV-PYS Optical Detector comes with a sounder fully integrated within the sensor itself as opposed to a separate sounder base.

The previous EV-PS product proved to be a very successful launch of Nittans detector with integrated sounder range, however its new replacement the EV-PYS comes to the market with some exciting new technological advances centred on an enhanced new “PY” smoke sensing chamber.

Such as:
A spherical feature within the smoke chamber, providing unrivalled performance for scattering light, plus an Orange LED, which significantly improves response across the fire spectrum.
Chamber construction designed to minimise effect of dirt/dust contamination with a fine micromesh made of stainless steel to prevent ingress of even the smallest insects which can create false alarms.

The EV-PYS sensor drives and controls the EV-PYSVAD base, with the entire platform only taking one address for maximum system efficiency. This clever design makes for quick and simple installation, saving both time and money, whilst remaining extremely competitively priced. It also makes for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, with a lower profile for an unobtrusive appearance.

  • Optical Detector with built in Sounder
  • Sounder ~ 88dB(A) @ ~ 3.5mA
  • Drive Output for dedicated EV-PYSVAD
  • Evolution FSK protocol
  • EEPROM Addressed (Programmer)


Operating Voltage24-38 Vdc
Operating CurrentQuiescent: 200μA
Alarm: (LED ON) 5.2mA
Alarm: (SDR ON) 3.5mA
Standard EN54-3:2001 + A1:2002 + A2:2006
Alarm IndicationOmniview 360° LED

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