Part No. F06-64000


The EVCA-AP-H Horn allows for a number of applications on a single device. The horn settings include Temporal, Non-Temporal, March Time and a Chime sound. The horn also has Low, Mid and High volume settings for each pattern and tone. The tones include 2400 Hz, Electro-Mechanical, Broadband and Chime. The voltage input can be either regulated DC or full wave rectified (FWR) 12 volt or 24 volt operation. The EVCA-AP-H utilizes a universal mounting plate that will mount on a single gang, double gang, octagon and 4” square electrical boxes. Outdoor installations must use the EVCA-AP-BBX-5 weatherproof backbox. The back plate allows the installer to mount the plate and terminate the wire connections. The horn attaches in a hinge fashion from the top and is secured by a single mounting screw. The horn completely covers the mounting back plate, therefore it can be mounted before other trades work is completed and not affect the final look.



  • UL listed
  • 33 sound output settings
  • Horn or chime sound output
  • Wall or Ceiling mount
  • Indoor/outdoor listed. Outdoor installation requires a weatherproof backbox (ordered separately)
  • Pre-wire back plate
  • Universal back plate mounting (single gang,
  • double gang, octagon, or 4” square)
  • Single screw mounting

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