Replacement Product – ST-H2-AS

In order to maintain support for Nittan’s older Sensortec Protocol Analogue Addressable range, we have developed the ST-H2-AS Heat Detector. This is intended to be a direct replacement for the current ST-H-AS detector, which we are no longer able to manufacture due to component obsolescence.

As a direct replacement there will be a seamless transition between the products. The new ST-H2-AS is available with immediate effect and once existing stock of ST-H-AS is depleted they will no longer be available for sale. Despite reducing volumes of what is now a spare part and retro-fit device, we are pleased to advise that we have managed to manufacture the new generation device, without any increase in cost.

Please note: The ST-H2-AS joins the Sensortec family, alongside the ST-PY-AS Optical Smoke Detector and uses the same MTM Hand Held Programmer for Address Setting.

Obsolete ProductF15-81200ST-H-ASAnalogue Addressable Heat Detector
Replacement ProductF15-81300ST-H2-ASAnalogue Addressable Heat Detector
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