Why is Nittan’s evolution protocol so good?

Nittan is a global pioneer of Analogue Addressable communication systems for use in Fire alarm systems.
In fact Nittan was one of the first organisations to launch an Analogue Addressable system with our original Sensortec Protocol.

More recently Nittan developed the Evolution communication protocol, based on Sine Wave Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) transmission and because it was such a technological leap forward, to this day it is one of the most reliable and powerful analogue addressable systems on the market.

The Evolution FSK transmission system operates by changing between two frequencies to provide digital 0 or 1 in the data packet. Because, the protocol is based on a Sine Wave there are very smooth transitions during switching, which provides communication highly resilient to external Electro-Magnetic Interference and does not generate high frequency noise that could affect other equipment.

The system includes the following feature benefits over many competitors:

  • Up to 254 primary addresses per loop.
  • Higher DC Loop Voltage, allowing for longer loop cable length.
  • Higher Loop Current capacity, allowing for Loop powered Sounders & Beacons.
  • Complex Algorithms for minimising unwanted alarms
  • Highly advanced Check sum routines.
  • Highly advanced Watchdog timer routines.
  • Auto reset from transmission error.
  • Interrupt command, for high speed processing of alarms.
  • Sophisticated collision detection.

All of which provide exceptional system flexibility, whilst maintaining the highly stable transmission of data, essential when life safety is paramount.

Today Nittan proudly share the Evolution Protocol with several global partners, including our Marine Partner who is one of the largest suppliers to the global Marine market and also cover the demanding “off shore” markets with our resilient protocol. Even some competitors are using our protocol under licence (and a different name) for their primary communication system. These are a testament to the integrity and strength of the Nittan evolution protocol.

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