Phase out of old style Nittan Flame Detector NFD-68-P 

nfd-68-pIn line with our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement of our product lines Nittan Europe Limited introduced the EVC-IR Flame Detector in 2009. At this time the older style NFP-68-P was intended to support spares and maintenance requirements only.

Seven years later we find that sales volumes for the NFD-68-P have reduced substantially. In fact we have reached a point where future component obsolescence has forced us to wind down production of the NFD-68-P and stop manufacturing after the current production run. Rather than re-design, test and approve an old low volume product with new components, Nittan have decided to create a new “Zero Ohm” variant of the EVC-IR. This will be a drop in replacement for the NFP-68-P to cover future spares and maintenance requirements. The new EVC-IR Zero Ohm variant is currently under test for CPR certification at LPCB, and should be available for sale fully approved in the coming weeks.

To be made ObsoleteF04-60043NFD-68-PUV Flame Detector
Replacement Part F04-60045EVC-IR Zero OhmIR Flame Detector

Please note, once current stocks NFD-68-P are depleted it will be made obsolete.

Based on current sales volumes Nittan Europe have sufficient stocks of NFD-68-P to last approximately 6 months, however this timescale is likely to alter as some customers may choose to stockpile for spares requirements once they become aware. Based on customer feedback to this bulletin, and dependant on component availability, we have an opportunity to manufacture a last time production run in Japan, but once this has concluded, no further production will be possible.

Therefore Nittan are unable to guarantee continuity of supply going forward and for UV critical spares applications, or larger orders of NFD-68-P, I would suggest this bulletin be taken as a “last time buy notice” and orders be placed immediately.

We thank you for your continued support and business.

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